post-title Lucifer Lux Nightclub Shirts & T-Shirts – UPDATED 2021

Lucifer Lux Nightclub Shirts & T-Shirts – UPDATED 2021

Lucifer Lux Nightclub Shirts & T-Shirts – UPDATED 2021

A lot of people love the Fox series ‘Lucifer’ which centers around Lucifer Morningstar who has decided to exist in Los Angeles, leaving Hell. Lux is the nightclub owned by Lucifer Morningstar, the current ruler of Hell and he runs the establishment with the help of a friend named Mazikeen, who is a demon. Lucifer’s Lux Nightclub is largely popular among viewers and fans of the show.

The Lucifer Lux Nightclub shirt exclusively available on SummerKite is specially designed for these fans and fascinates. The Lucifer-inspired Lux Nightclub t-shirt features a logo of the Lucifer Morningstar’s LA nightclub. It comes in a choice of colors and sizes to suit individual requirements.

Show your love and pride for the Lucifer LUX Nightclub with this unisex t-shirt in your favorite color. It also makes the perfect gift for anybody who loves the show or the nightclub. Lightweight and comfortable, it offers a classic fit and is sewn professionally to be durable and long-lasting.

Lucifer Lux Nightclub Shirts


Lux first appeared in Lucifer’s episode 1 and gradually became the show’s most important and popular locale. Right in the first episode and other subsequent ones, the building was shown in different contexts and appearances. It is a six-story Spanish structure in Baroque-style designed in 1926. In reality, it consists of the EI Captain Theatre and Studio store with shops on the ground floor and office area on the upper floors. There are tunnels as well under Lux.

To see the location in google maps street view click here

A small part of the building appears on Lucifer with a platform above the main area and a stairway leading downwards. This is a separate location from Inside the club.

To see the location in google maps street view click here

Lucifer lives in the penthouse of a building, an elevator is the only way to home. It also has a wine cellar where Lucifer had tried to lockup a goddess. The penthouse building is the Sunset Tower Hotel in LA.

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The Lucifer Lux Nightclub tee from SummerKite is a must-buy for any fan who loves the nightclub in Los Angeles or ‘Lucifer’. The logo of Lux nightclub is printed at the front in a bright color to make an eye-catching outfit that you can use to impress the people you meet. The t-shirt goes well with any casual look you put on for a day out or a holiday.

The text on the Tshirt When angels fall, they also rise is quoted from Linda Martin saying at episode 6 of season 1 ” You are his fallen angel, but here’s the thing. When angels fall, they also rise. All you have to do is embrace all that you are ” 

Lucifer Lux Nightclub bag


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