post-title Moo! I’m A Horse T-Shirt | Modern Family Dylan’s T-Shirt

Moo! I’m A Horse T-Shirt | Modern Family Dylan’s T-Shirt

Moo! I’m A Horse T-Shirt | Modern Family Dylan’s T-Shirt
Modern Family

premium clothing item that everybody is sure to love, ‘Moo! I’m A Horse’ Unisex t-shirt is designed to be close to perfection and is sure to become a favorite tee soon. The black half-sleeved ( Also available in other colors), crew neck t-shirt is made using high-quality, soft and durable material that feels great on skin and is comfortable to wear all day long. Wear it for a casual day out or layer it under your favorite jacket for a holiday, you are sure to rock with this outfit recommended as a must-own for anybody interested in embracing the latest trend and style! Summer is for Tee’s after all.

Moo! I’m A Horse T-Shirt

The t-shirt was first introduced in the popular television sitcom ‘Modern Family’ in the 14th episode of the Season 4 ‘A Slight at the Opera’. In this episode, Dylan was shown back on the scene with Haley announcing his new aspiration in life which was to start a T-shirt design company. He also added that the company would sport one of his own t-shirt that reads the quote ‘Moo, I’m a Horse’ in a speech bubble from a cartoon lion. The episode reflected Dylan’s natural intelligence and his new career thought. You can watch the episode recap of Moo im a horse below.  

  One of the best-selling tees from the series, the ‘Moo, I’m a Horse’ unisex lion t-shirt has earned a lot of popularity ever since its introduction for its funny design and quote that makes it different from other graphic t-shirts. The quote itself is ironical and presented as quoted by a lion makes it more humorous. The Modern Family inspired tee is loved and desired by the fans of Dylan and the show. It is also a great pick for those who love wearing funny graphic tees to catch attention and entertain people.


Modern Family Dylan’s Shirt

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This t-shirt is stitched professionally and available in all the sizes to choose from. It is made using high-quality printing method to guarantee that the print lasts long and does not dim or fade. Lightweight and classic, this unisex t-shirt is ideal for gifting as well.

Select your size today and get the viral tee to show your love for the show or impress others with the unique, funny design it features! Available for men and women in different dark colors.

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